How It Works

We've made getting your own Pixel Portraits super simple!

1) Choose Your Character

This is your time to shine! Choose from our ever growing selection of characters. If theres a character type you'd like which there - send us an email at Our dynamic team is able to add new designs within a few days! 

2) Upload Your Photo

Upload a photo where we can clearly see the face and hair of the person you'd like in the portrait (smiling, ideally!).

Choose a background, add a player name and place your order! 

3) Approve Your Design

When it's finished (usually within 3-5 days), your design goes through 3 quality checks. The last one is done by YOU!

When you've confirmed you're happy with it - we'll send it over to one of our professional print partners. They're experts in creating high quality prints which last a lifetime. 

We ship globally, but shipping times do vary from country to country. You can get the full details of shipping here.